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Contract Services

After more than two decades researching, analyzing, and communicating the effects of federal and state policymaking on the private sector, I am offering my services directly to businesses and non-profits on a contractual basis. A "jack of all trades," my skillset includes standard and academic research, data analysis, published writing (studies, essays, and op-eds), project management, and communications. There are few issues or industries that have escaped my attention, including but not limited to: 

  • regulation

  • taxation

  • economics

  • entrepreneurship

  • small business

  • health care

  • public health

  • technology

  • trade

  • education

  • foreign affairs

  • public finance

  • government programs


It's important to note that a request need not have a tie to public policy. As a research analyst, it has often been my job to find answers to questions on unfamiliar topics. For example, clients have asked me to tackle matters ranging from studying the feasibility of a potential software migration to determining the implications of state laws on product development. 

My rates are flexible and contingent on the depth and duration of the work to be performed. I pride myself on being open, honest, and respectful. If I don't think I can meet your needs, I will say so. Lastly, as an equal opportunity service provider I welcome clients from all backgrounds.  





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